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The American Whippet Club is the national breed club for Whippets within the American Kennel Club. The AWC promotes the showing, responsible breeding, obedience training and competition, lure coursing and versatility of the Whippet breed.

The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound, combining elegance and athleticism with a friendly, amiable disposition. In temperament, the Whippet is affectionate and gentle, but is capable of great intensity during sporting events. Originating in England, the breed was first recognized in this country by the American Kennel Club in 1888.

The AWC is the parent organization that oversees most recognized Whippet activities in the United States. The AWC unites people interested in breeding and competition, and improving and preserving the health and character of the breed for the purposes of showing, racing, coursing, obedience and pet ownership. It is also responsible for promoting good sportsmanship at events that are held under its auspices.

Here you can learn about Whippets as both companions and competition dogs, and about the breed's history, temperament traits, and overall health and care. You can also learn more about Whippet activities and upcoming events, and about our club, with resources to connect with breeders and fellow Whippet fanciers.

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The next American Whippet Club National Specialty was held April 18-25, 2015 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. For information on all of the great events and competitions that were held that week, along with results of the competitions, we invite you to explore our 2015 AWC National Specialty pages.

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