Officers and Board of Directors

Current Officers

Harold “Red” Tatro, President
817-297-2398, email

Karen Lee, Vice President
610-932-4456, email

Gail Boyd, Treasurer
919-362-4427, email

Guinevere Borstel, Secretary
4745 25th St., San Francisco, CA 94114
415-826-8853, email

Board of Directors

Dr. Jill Hopfenbeck
508-278-7102, email

Dr. Kenneth Latimer
706-296-5489, email

Russell McFadden
505-570-1452, email

Christy Nelson
909-851-5165, email

Kathy Rasmussen
913-526-5702, email


Class of 2015: Gail Boyd, Karen Lee, Christy Nelson

Class of 2016: Guin Borstel, Dr. Jill Hopfenbeck, Harold "Red" Tatro

Class of 2017: Dr. Kenneth Latimer, Russell McFadden, Kathy Rasmussen



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