AWC Whippet Breeder Referral

Whippet Breeder Referral

The AWC offers referrals to breeders in areas throughout the U.S. through its Breeder Referral:  EMAIL

When you write to the AWC Breeder Referral Contact, be sure to include your location and whether you are looking for a puppy, older puppy, young adult, or adoptable older adult. Initial contacts with Whippet Breeders via e-mail should include the following: where you live, your past history with owning dogs (even if none), your reasons for deciding you are ready to add a Whippet to your home at this time, and something about your living situation (house with fenced yard/condo/urban/single/married/any children/other pets/work from home vs. gone for 8-10 hours a day, etc.).  This will help your initial contacts to better help YOU find the right resources for your Whippet search. 

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