RV Parking


$25/night WITH a booked room. You MUST have a room conformation # on your RV form in order to receive this rate. Your name must be on the room, so if you are sharing, be sure to add your name.

$50/night WITHOUT a booked room.

$125/week (this is with a FIVE [5] night minimum stay).


If you run a built-in generator, you MUST have an up pipe (Genturi) for the exhaust. If you do not have a built-in generator and an up pipe, please contact the RV chair to discuss your parking situation.


Please download the RV parking reservation form and mail it to the RV Parking Chair:

Gail Boyd
8948 Hope Hill Lane
Apex, NC 27502 

Contact Gail with any questions at ableaimkennels@aol.com.

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