Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge table at the AWC National, generously offered and supported by volunteers and their donations, provides us all with a special place to reflect on and remember the special Whippets and Whippet people we have lost in the past year.  

--The 2013 Rainbow Bridge Table at the AWC 2012 National--Lori Rose photo

Please support the Rainbow Bridge Table at the 2016 National

To help celebrate contributions of special whippets who have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, or Whippet fanciers who have passed after making special contributions to the Whippet community, we hope you'll share photos, collages or other memorabilia in your loved ones' honor. To provide proper space for each, however, you must send us your entry ahead of time. Please provide the following information with your entry:

For Whippets - call name, registered name and any titles, kennel name, date of birth and death, and the person(s) sponsoring them.

For Human Tribute - their full name, kennel name, date of birth and death, and the person(s) sponsoring them.

We also welcome donations to help support floral arrangements, banner, and table set-up costs.

DEADLINE Monday, April 11, 2016

Please send your entries and donations to:

Claudia Miller

8205 West 67th Place

Arvada, CO 80004

(303) 589-9238

email: edcjmiller@gmail.com

or use Paypal below

Dedication to:


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