Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge table at the AWC National, generously offered and supported by volunteers and their donations, provides us all with a special place to reflect on and remember the special Whippets and Whippet people we have lost in the past year.  

--The 2013 Rainbow Bridge Table at the AWC 2012 National--Lori Rose photo

Please support the Rainbow Bridge Table at the 2016 National

Is there a special Whippet you would like to remember? A special Whippet person you would like to do a tribute to?

If so, please email me your information and I will make a special card just for that special Whippet or person. You can say whatever you would like on the card.|

Just bring your pictures or any other media that you would like showcasing that special dog or person to the National. Your item and card will be on display during the week of the National. If you want to participate but are not going to attend this year's National, you will need to send your item with someone you trust who can also bring it home to you.

The Rainbow Bridge Table, cards, table cloths and flower arrangements are all supported by donations. If you would like to make a small donation to support the table, please send it to me.

There is also no limit to how many dogs or people you would like to honor. There also is no deadline, but the sooner you can get me your information the better.

Please help us make this year's table one to remember! 

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