Top 20 Competition

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About The AWC Top Twenty Event

The AWC Top Twenty is a premier event held at the American Whippet Club's National Specialty in April each year to showcase the top conformation winners in our breed. It is open to the public to attend for a nominal fee. Three judges from various areas of our fancy (a breeder, a handler, and a judge) bestow the Top Twenty Award through a scoring system using the combined scores of all three judges to determine the winner. This event also features the popular People's Choice Award determined by the votes of spectators present at the event. The Top Twenty is an absolute "must" for those interested in the Whippet breed.

In 2016 the Top Twenty executive committee will be implementing a new scoring system. We feel it is an improved method of evaluating the dogs and provides a more coherent framework for the judges. There have been different scoring systems used in past years but this system is one that we believe achieves a better balance and is also one which is simple and concise. The Top Twenty executive committee has unanimously approved the following scoring system to be implemented by the three judges evaluating the dogs being shown in the event: 1st place dog will receive 25 points, the second place dog will receive 10 points, the 3rd place dog will receive 5 points, and the 4th place dog will receive 1 point. In case of a tie, the tie-breaker will be the Breeder Judge. The individual scores will be added together and determine the winner. No judges' scores will be made public.



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