The AWC Triathlon competition was developed to recognize whippets that excel in three areas of competition: conformation, lure coursing and obedience. The 21st annual competition is open to all whippets entered in Triathlon/Versatility conformation, obedience and lure coursing at the 2015 AWC National Specialty. There will be 10 placement awards.

The 2016 Triathlon Conformation Judge TBA

2016 Triathlon Forms are Available on the Show Documents page


Click HERE to download a copy of the AWC Triathlon Rules with a Scoring Example



First Place in Triathlon:

  • 9 1/4 -inch commemorative plate.
  • The Cora N. Miller Triathlon Trophy
  • The Jack McManus Trophy
  •  Rosette

Second through Tenth Place:

  • 7 1/2-inch commemorative plate.
  •  Rosette

AWC National Triathlon Rules and Scoring

Details of the Triathlon rules and scoring can be found on the American Whippet Club website ( The Triathlon will utilize a ranking system identical to the Versatility competition. Dogs will be given ranks based on their scores in the respective competitions. The ranks will be averaged with the lowest total average winning.

Conformation: The Triathlon/Versatility Conformation judge is TBA.

Lure Coursing: The AWC National trial will be held on Sunday, April 19th and will be an ASFA trial. Scores from this trial will be used for the Triathlon.

Obedience: Only one obedience class will count toward the final Triathlon rank and that class must be declared on the entry form below.

NOTE: If your dog has a title or legs toward a title you may not enter a lower class and utilize that score for the triathlon. If you do, your dog will be disqualified from the competition.

The Triathlon Chairman will handle the automatic entry in the Triathlon Conformation Class. Entries in any regular conformation class, obedience class or lure coursing stake are the responsibility of the owner. NOTE: There will be a $10 entry fee required for the Triathlon. Please send with the entry form.

This must be received by the entry deadline or your dog will not be eligible to compete in the 2016 AWC Triathlon.

Questions? Email National Performance Director and Triathlon Chair: Lisa Costello email

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