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General Info for our 2015 AWC National attendees

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Olympia Resort & Spa and Oconomowoc are surrounded by the scenic Kettle Moraines and recreational lakes. This popular area, also known as Lake Country, offers visitors a vast selection of opportunities for recreation, shopping, dining, events and attractions. 
It was the area's abundant natural resources that attracted its first recorded settlers, members of the Potawatomi and Winnebago tribes. Deep woodlands and clear lakes provided the tribes with wild game, fish and the raw materials to build their tools and homes, and it was they who named the area "Coo-No- Mo-Wauk," or "Where the Waters Meet."
The first white settlers were Charles Sheldon and Phil Brewer, who, in 1837, built log cabins in the area. The pair was soon followed by other settlers lured by stories of the area's beauty and abundant resources. Early settler John S. Rockwell was responsible for establishing a great deal of the town's foundation. The young entrepreneur built a grist mill, and established the town's first store, hotel, fire department and library. The "Father of Oconomowoc," as he came to be known, also donated land for the community's churches, and started Bord du Lac, a women's seminary.
Oconomowoc was known as the “Newport of the West “, and visits by Presidents Cleveland, Harrison, Grant, Taft, Coolidge, McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt earned Main Street the nickname “Avenue of the Presidents.“

NEW for 2015!  We now have an AWC NATIONAL Smart Phone App –

We have an app for the 2015 National and it is free! Enable push notifications to receive important reminders such as entry closing dates, due dates and other items as they become available.  

Now the whole national will be just a tap away and it works on both iphone & android devices!

How to load the AWC 2015 National APP:
 Click on link:
 - Tap or input it from your iOS or Android Device
 - You'll be directed to your app store to download the container app, Yapp, if you don't already have it on your device.
 - Once Yapp is downloaded, open it and your app will install
If you have any issues or questions regarding, please contact Stephanie Dycha at EMAIL

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