Performance Events

The 2015 National will have the full complement of performance events that our entrants and attendees have come to expect. If you do not have a Whippet ready to compete in a performance event, why not come out and spectate and support those owners who have worked hard with their Whippets to get them ready for the events that show the versatility of our breed? Everyone loves an appreciative audience!

Performance Chair

Dr. Lisa Costello,  email

AKC Lure Coursing

An AKC Specialty Lure Trial and QC tests will be held on Saturday, April 18th, in Racine, Wisconsin, at the Greater Racine Kennel Club grounds.  All entrants for the trial must have their QC prior to the entry closing date.  QC tests are offered following the Best of Breed run at the Trial.  Please arrange for your own running mate if you want to QC a Whippet at the AWC National. Entry is limited to 140 Whippets and 20 QC Test Whippets.

ASFA Lure Coursing

The AWC National ASFA Specialty Lure Trial will be held on Sunday, April 19th in Racine, Wisconsin, at the Greater Racine Kennel Club grounds.  All entrants for this trial must have certified prior to the closing date.  There will be no day of trial entries for either trial (save substitutions for lame hounds and bitches in season).  Entry is limited to 200 Whippets.  The ASFA trial is one of the "legs" for both the Triathlon and for Versatility, so be sure and enter early if you plan to compete in either!


The bulk of obedience competition will be held on Monday, April 20th, and will take place in the ballroom at the Host Hotel.  This schedule should be considered tentative, as some classes may be moved to Tuesday morning depending on entry size. Triathlon Competitors must enter a regular Obedience Class, and Versatility Competitors must enter Rally Obedience as the obedience portion of their respective competitions.

Rally Obedience

The fast-growing sport of Rally has attracted many Whippet fanciers.  Typically, Rally Obedience will be held Monday morning (April 20) at the Host Hotel, but this schedule is tentative and subject to change. Monday and Tuesday are the obedience days for the National.


The AWC will recognize the entry of Whippets on Saturday, April 18th at the Doberman Pinscher Club of Milwaukee's multi-day agility trial at a very popular indoor arena, Think Pawsitive, in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  If you are a Versatility entrant, you MUST enter the Saturday Agility Trial as that is the official AWC Agility day.  If you want to enter multiple days, we are delighted for you to showcase your agility Whippet in our area.   The premium will be listed on Fulcer's website, .


The AWC Triathlon combines lure coursing, obedience, and a conformation class to crown a winner who has performed at a high level of ability in all three events.  This prestigious award should be hotly-contested in Wisconsin, so keep training, conditioning, and getting your Whippet prepped to do his or her best in the show ring!


The most demanding competition at the National requires great teamwork and a Whippet who can perform well in the ring, on the field, in obedience, and on an agility course.  Does your Whippet have what it takes, and more importantly, do YOU?  The Versatility winner combines super conditioning and competitive conformation quality with that great owner-trainer/whippet bond that brings magic to the trained and scored events. 

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