AWC Supported Entries & Independent Whippet Specialties

Coming in 2016.....

Thursday 1/7 – GSDWA Independent Specialty – Indio CA

Sweeps: Melanie Hidinger; Breed: Claudia Miller
Other shows in this cluster:
Fri 1/8 Inland Empire Hound Ass’n – Sweeps: Deb Martino (Kokopelli);
Breed: Laurence Terricone
Sat 1/9 KC Of Palm Springs I – Breed: Gary Andersen
Sun 1/10 KC of Palm Springs II – Breed: Howard M Yost

Sat 1/23 – AWC Supported Entry – Novi MI – Oakland Co. KC

Sweeps: Annie Kelsey (Wildabout); Breed: James Edwards

If you would like to have an AWC Supported Entry show, please contact the Regional Show Chair for your area; see our Show Chairs and Regions page.

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