Officers and Board of Directors

Current Officers

Karen Bowers Lee, President
484-340-6258, email
Dr. Lisa Costello, Vice President
630-625-2019, email
Sara Weitzenkamp, Treasurer
612-385-8500, email
Annie Andrews, Secretary
6019 Crupper Pl, Fairfax, VA 22030
703-815-2236, email

Board of Directors

Gail Boyd

919-247-4427, email
Dr. Connie Brunkow
217-431-8972, email
Kristen Fredericks
757-371-6610, email
Tracy Hite
208-627-2125 email
Susan Vernon
760-953-0773, email
Class of 2023: Annie Andrews, Dr. Connie Brunkow, Dr. Lisa Costello
Class of 2024: Kristen Fredericks, Tracy Hite, Susan Vernon
Class of 2025: Gail Boyd, Karen Bowers Lee, Sara Weitzenkamp

American Whippet Club Board of Directors Code of Conduct  (Adopted December 3, 2015)


As elected members of the Board of Directors, we are trustees of the American Whippet Club, and will do our best to ensure the AWC is well maintained for the future. The members of the Board of Directors will strive for integrity in our actions, innovation, respect and responsiveness to all AWC members.

1.      Directors agree to abide by this Code of Conduct, by the By-laws and Code of Ethics of the AWC, and by the rules and regulations of the AKC.

2.      Each member of the Board of Directors will ensure that their AWC membership remains in good standing at all times. Furthermore, each member of the Board will at all times obey applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. When encountering potential conflicts of interest, Board members will identify the conflict to the Board and will remove themselves from all discussion and voting on the matter.

3.      No Board member will use their position for personal advantage.

4.      The Board will exercise proper authority and good judgment in its dealings with the AWC membership, the general public, and other organizations, and will respond to the needs of the membership in a responsible, respectful, and timely manner.

5.      Board members will understand that they are elected to represent all AWC members and are responsible to communicate the Club members’ needs and issues, as presented to an individual Board member, to the entire Board of Directors in a timely and respectful fashion.

6.      Board members will promote teamwork and accept a fair share of the work. They will maintain accountability, and lead by example.

7.      Each Board member will accept responsibility for the Board’s decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

8.      No Board member shall share, copy, reproduce, transmit, divulge, or otherwise disclose any confidential information related to the affairs of the AWC Board. Each member of the Board will uphold the strict confidentiality of all meetings and other deliberations and communications between the Board of Directors.

9.      No Board member will speak for or on behalf of the Board or the AWC unless specifically authorized to do so.

10.  A retiring board member will promptly delete all confidential electronic documents/communication and shred or return to the AWC all hard copies/files, reference materials, and other confidential property entrusted to the board member during his or her tenure. Such return will not abrogate the retiring board member from his or her continuing obligations of confidentiality with respect to information acquired as a consequence of his or her tenure on the Board of Directors.

 Download the AWC Board of Directors Code of Conduct


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