2015 Non Regular Catalog


(not eligible for BOB)

Judge:  Ms. Jacquelyn Fogel


  (133)                *RyLand’s I’m No Angel And (532) *GCH Harmony’s Lady Luck.  Angella Martin


  (139)                Uptown N Harmony’s Man In The Moon And (220) Uptown N Harmony’s Kissed By The Moon. Jan Wahl & Tom Lunieski.


  (195)                Winquest Dark Matter At Wolfpine And (287) *Whispers Kohl. Jessica Eason-Butler.


1  (280)                Ableaim Leather And Lace And (630) GCH DC Ableaim Que The Music MC. Gail S. Boyd & Jenny Boyd.


  (284)                Kamada’s Key To The Mint And (636) GCH Kamada’s New York Minute. Debbie & Kathleen Davenport & Devon Kipp.


  (329)                CH Willabe Who’s Broad Stripes SC And (331) CH Willabe Loves Me Like A Rock. Dick & Jean Schroeder.


   658  Baywood’s Misty Moor Sophisticated Lady OAJ NA And 660 Baywood’s Misty Moor Talk Of The Town OA NJ RN. M. Metevia & R. Russ & M. Holmes.



BEST BRACE___280__________



abs  (141)                Willabe Only Time Remains And (200) Nothing But Time And (329) CH Willabe Who’s Broad Stripes SC And (331) CH Willabe Loves Me Like A Rock. Dick & Jean Schroeder.


1   433  CH Mystic Run’s Here Comes The Sun CD RA MC DJ CGC And 435 CH Mystic Run’s Magical Mystery Tour CGC And 437 CH Mystic Run’s Hey Jude CD RA MC CGC And 439 CH Mystic Run Strawberry Fields Forever CD RE SC DN CGC. Annie L. Andrews.


BEST TEAM____433__________



4  (255)                GCH DC Surrey Hill’s Golden Boy. HP25932703. 04-10-2007. Breeders, Karen Lee & Leila Anichiru. By CH Chelsea Chalcedony & CH Diablesse Surrey Hill Say Yaha.  Kristen Fredericks & Karen Lee.

  (289)                *Willabe Cowpoke Caleb. HP36291301. 09-15-2009. Breeders, Dick & Jean Schroeder. By CH Classic Streets Of Pure Gold & CH Cherche Nothing Else Matters.  Lisa M. Costello.

  (315)                *GCH Northwind’s Round House Kick. HP34157701. 04-08-2009. Breeders, Kay Nierengarten & Irene Mulhauer. By GCH Northwind The Daily Show De Sud & CH Northwind’s Echo Of Poetry RN CD CGC.  Sara Krieger & Kay M. Nierengarten.

3  (351)                GCH WesAnn’s River Of Dreams. HP41865804. 06-01-2011. Breeders, Michelle Queen & Kacie & Angela Davis & Calvin Perry. By GCH Kemar’s Greater Fritillary & CH  WesAnn’s Reflection Of The Heart.  Michelle Queen.

  (371)                GCH Shojin’s Turn Me Loose SC RN CGC SD. HP37852402. 06-25-2010. Breeders, Ron & Dee Vayda. By Meisterhaus Ableaim Kick It & Sanctuary Spellbinder.  Lisa & Mike Fontaine.

  (385)                Meisterhaus Free Kick At Endeavor. HP35871808. 10-26-2009. Breeders, Tad Brooks & Linda Stewart. By CH Meisterhaus Ableaim Kick It & CH Endeavor’s Airtight Alibi.  A. Tad Brooks & Linda Stewart.

  (389)                GCH Winway Lexie Personal Appearance. HP42312302. 01-17-2012. Breeders, Suzi Fosnot & Valerie Nunes Atkinson. By CH Starline’s Sovereign & CH Winway Redford With A Splash.  Deana Brown & Terry Brown & Nancy H Billups & Kentt Billups.

2  (391)                GCH Bo-Bett’s Speed Demon. HP35660602. 09-06-2009. Breeders, Carol A. Harris. By CH Bo-Bett’s High Speed Chase & Cariad’s Trivial Pursuit.  Carol A. Harris. Agent Justin Smithey

  (397)                CH Albelarm Kaleidoscope. HP38652306. 08-02-2010. Breeders, Kathleen Holden & Lesley Anne Potts. By CH Chelsea Coturri at Loricbrook & CH Albelarm High Faluton WW.  Lesley Ann Potts.

  (425)                GCH DC Ableaim Patent Pending MC ROMX. HP34954901. 07-03-2009. Breeders, Gail & Jenny Boyd & Tad Brooks & Linda Johnson. By CH Festivia’s Knickerbocker ROMX & CH Meisterhaus Goldie Hawnd SC ROMX.  Jenny Boyd.

1  (427)                GCH Kamada’s Instant Millionaire. HP28426202. 11-26-2007. Breeders, Debbie & Kathleen Davenport. By CH Ableaim Kodak Moments & CH Kamada’s Million Dollar Baby.  Debbie & Kathleen Davenport.



2   237  Meisterhaus Ableaim Kick It. HP19784705. 01-22-2006. Breeders, A. Tad Brooks & Gail Boyd & Jenny Boyd & Linda Johnson. By CH Red Cloud’s Quintessence JC & CH Meisterhaus Goldie Hawnd SC.  A. Tad Brooks & Joseph A. Hurt.

1   431  *GCH Harmony’s Pablo Picasso. HP31942703. 09-09-2008. Breeders, Kathy Rasmussen & Aimee Rasmussen. By CH Harmony’s Andauer Lover Come Back & CH Harmony’s Bristol Creme.  Angella Martin & Kathy Rasmussen.



   400  CH Harmony’s Midnight Lace At Aeolus JC. HP36277502. 07-25-2009. Breeders, Kathy Rasmussen & Karen Gibson & Dionne Butt. By CH Sportingfield’s Rock On JC & Andauer Send Me No Flowers.  Kevin & Dawn Carlson & Kathy Rasmussen.

2  (438)                CH Kamada’s Dream Walkin’. HP20992202. 05-07-2006. Breeders, Debbie & Kathleen Davenport. By CH Plumcreek Fortune Walking On Heir & CH Kamada’s Million Dollar Baby.  Debbie & Kathleen Davenport.

  (470)                GCH Harmony’s Photo Finish. HP41018503. 06-09-2011. Breeders, Aimee McMaster & Kathy Rasmussen. By CH Abelaim Kodak Moments & CH Harmony’s No Place Like Home JC.  Jan Wahl & Kathy Rasmussen.

  (486)                GCH DC Wildwood’s Torrey Pines SC MC. HP31363701. 07-23-2008. Breeders, Faith Diane Guest & Kathy Rasmussen. By CH Harmony’s Andauer Lover Come Back & CH Wildwood’s Ribbon In The Sky SC.  Faith Diane Guest.

  (496)                GCH DC Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree At Mariner. HP40415101. 04-08-2011. Breeders, Karen Lee & Kristen Fredericks & Saulo Biscoto Jr. By GCH Mariner Diablesse I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butters & Silkrock Fortune of War.  Karen B. Lee & Kristen Fredericks.

1  (520)                GCH Sporting Fields Beach Baby. HP32893701. 10-31-2008. Breeders, Dionne Butt & Amanda Giles. By CH Sporting Fields Major League & GCH Sporting Fields Bahama Sands.  David & Gina Samuelson & Dionne Butt & Amanda Giles.

3  (556)                CH Sporting Fields Sandy Feet. HP41139602. 02-26-2011. Breeders, Dionne Butt & Jesse Martin. By CH Sporting Fields ‘Live On & CH Mill Landing’s Bahama Breeze.  Yvonne Sovereign & Dionne Butt & Amanda Giles.

  (590)                Meisterhaus Charlamar Dream Girl. HP38790804. 08-14-2010. Breeders, A. Tad Brooks & Charlotte G. Lee. By CH Meisterhaus Abelaim Kck It & CH Oxford Tobell Fire And Ice.  A. Tad Brooks & Charlotte G. Lee.

  (604)                GCH Sporting Fields Heavenly Body JC. HP39461805. 12-05-2010. Breeders, Dionne Butt, Amanda Giles. By CH Harmonys Pablo Picasso & Sporting Fields Beach Baby.  Mary E. Indeglia.

 4  656  Blue Willow Frida Kahlo. HP28994402. 12-27-2007. Breeders, Sharon Couzin. By CH Seaspell’s Son Of A Beach & Castlecrest Zoe At Blue Willow CD RN.  Sharon Couzin.



2  (460)                CH Summit Unforgettable. HP03910106. 02-14-2003. Breeders, Susan E Manthou & Susan Vernon. By CH Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder & CH Summit Voodoo Doll.  Bobbi Mason.

1  (466)                CH Dieblesse Surrey Hill Say Yaha SC. HP02529505. 07-11-2002. Breeders, Karen Lee & Carolin Bowers. By DC Partis Say You Will & Surrey Hill’s Smithereens SC.  Karen B. Lee & Leila Anichini. 



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