2015 Veterans Sweeps Catalog


Judge:  Mary Jean Odron



  (239)                CH Hand’s Sundance. HP17078703. 08-19-2005. Breeders, Marie & George Hand. By CH Hand’s Lehi Gold Rush SC & Hand’s Honey Maple.  Marie G. Hand & George Hand.

3  (243)                GCH Summit About Last Night JC RN. HP18151903. 10-06-2005. Breeders, Susan Vernon & Angie Diehl. By CH Camelot’s Nerves Of Steel & CH Del Cielo Sun Kiss Goodnight.  Candace Huzel.

2  (245)                Brushwood Xtra by Design. HP20354505. 12-06-2005. Breeders, Cherie Virden. By Saxon Shore Exponential & Starline By Design.  T. L Palylyk & D. Sumara & R. Yurick & Ms. C. D. Virden.

abs  (247)                CH Summit Simply Irresistable SC. HP29403305. 01-21-2008. Breeders, Susan & Russell Vernon. By CH Summit Wildoats Fine And Dandy & DC Arwen’s Main Event At Summit SC.  Betty Nightengale.

  (249)                GCH Burnt Sienna Midsummer Night JC. HP23637901. 06-23-2006. Breeders, Lisa Winder. By Mac Bells Citizen Kane & Adagio Love Is All Around.  Patience C. Renzulli & Lisa Winder.

  (251)                Fallowfeld Noralor’s Johnny B. Goode. HP17122202. 08-09-2005. Breeders, Connie Brunkow & Laura Nichols. By Fallowfield Thief Of Hearts & Wildhearts FF Queens To Open.  Janet A. Siehndel & Dr. Connie S. Brunkow.

  (255)                GCH DC Surrey Hill’s Golden Boy. HP25932703. 04-10-2007. Breeders, Karen Lee & Leila Anichiru. By CH Chelsea Chalcedony & CH Diablesse Surrey Hill Say Yaha.  Kristen Fredericks & Karen Lee.

4  (257)                Wildwood’s Glad I Waited Just For You Riley Roll MC DJ FCH. HP30206405. 03-13-2008. Breeders, Faith Diane Guest  & Karen L. Gibson. By DC Wildwood’s Espirit De Core CD SC NAJ & Andauer Sausalito SC.  Vicki A. Roll.

  (259)                GCH Liberty’s Walk Like A Man SC. HP27265602. 09-12-2007. Breeders, Donna Bennett & London Bennett & Gail Nicholas. By CH Andauer Am I Gonna Be A Star & CH Windsome’s Centere Stage.  Donna Bennett & London Bennett & Gail Nicholas.

Moved to 10-12  (263)                GCH Winfield I’d Rather Be Right. HP15046401. 02-22-2005. Breeders, Barbara Reilly. By CH Strebor’s Energize & CH Winfield Carnaby Street.  Barbara Reilly & Ginger Miller. Agent Kathy Searles

1  (427)                GCH Kamada’s Instant Millionaire. HP28426202. 11-26-2007. Breeders, Debbie & Kathleen Davenport. By CH Ableaim Kodak Moments & CH Kamada’s Million Dollar Baby.  Debbie & Kathleen Davenport.

  (455)                Anlan Sam Adams RE. HP25153208. 03-08-2007. Breeders, Cathryn Day. By Amberwind’s Casanova & Finghins Aeryn Sun.  Christine T. Canard.

  459    WildAbout Windwalker Amaze. HP20141802. 12-10-2005. Breeders, Annie Kelsey. By Windwalker Zantanon & Do It Wild And Get Lucky.  Lisa Goucher & Anne Kelsey.



  (261)                CH Cherche’s The Countryman. HP10471706. 05-13-2004. Breeders, Chris Durance & Crystal McNulty. By Martinique Rodeo Dancer & CH Whippletrees Icy Affire.  Crystal McNulty & Chris Durance.

1 (263)                GCH Winfield I’d Rather Be Right. HP15046401. 02-22-2005. Breeders, Barbara Reilly. By CH Strebor’s Energize & CH Winfield Carnaby Street.  Barbara Reilly & Ginger Miller. Agent Kathy Searles

4  (265)                CH Dynia Sowagla Oberon. HP09675101. 03-06-2004. Breeders, Paige Zalnoski & Yvonne Sovereign. By CH Sowagla Myth Maker & CH Sowagla Dynia Mtn Folklore.  Paige Zalnoski.

  (267)                Summit Red Silk Boxers CD RA. HP09323406. 02-13-2004. Breeders, Susanne Hughes & Susan Vernon. By DC Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight & CH Summit N Snow Hill Shared Gold.  Candace Huzel.

  (269)                Windryder’s Americade Cruiser CD BN RE MC AX AJP OAP OAJ AV. HP07347011. 10-06-2003. Breeders, Fred H. & Roberta S. Lutz. By DC Appraxin Callaban Kristobel CD MC OJP NA NAJ NAP CAVX & FC Fermanagh WGASA Why Not BN RE MC OA OAJ OAP OJP AV.  Roberta S. Lutz & Fred H. Lutz.

  (271)                GCH Windryder’s Full Throttle BN RA SC AXP AJP OA OAJ CAVX. HP07347009. 10-06-2003. Breeders, Fred H. & Roberta S. Lutz. By DC Appraxin Callaban Kristobel CD MC OJP NA NAJ NAP & FC Fermanagh WGASA Why Not MC BN RE OA OAJ OAP OJP AV.  Roberta S. Lutz & Fred H. Lutz.

3  (273)                CH Mason Hill Regal Ice. HP15402201. 03-18-2005. Breeders, Bobbi Mason & Stephanie Jarrard. By CH Mason Hill Sun God & Sunnyknoll Offshore Breeze.  Stephanie A. Dycha & Kaylee A. Jarrard.

2  (277)                GCH Northwind’s Need For Speed. HP12119206. 09-24-2004. Breeders, Kay Nierengarten & Mark Shubert. By CH Luxury Liner De Sud & CH Northwind’s Poetry In Motion CD.  Susan R. Hendrickson & Kay M. Nierengarten.

  461    WildAbout SaeSi Mr. Syd Barrett. HP06121104. 07-08-2003. Breeders, Anne Kelsey & Mary Magee. By Sae Si Aw You Dawg & Fortune Time In A Bottle.  Lisa & Greg Goucher & Anne Kelsey.



 1  463  CH Plumcreek Going Big Time JC. HM97097801. 06-22-2001. Breeders,   Sarah Shakespeare. By CH Elysian Pompeii Pastorale & Plumcreek Stars Above.  Sarah & Richard Shakespeare.



  (408)                CH Karasar’s Jaama Seamist. HP21816303. 07-24-2006. Breeders, Kerrie Kuper & Mary E. Alderman. By CH Karasar’s Impressive & CH Karasar’s Polaris At Jaama.  Marie G. Hand & Kerrie Kuper.

 (410)                CH Angelic-Yorktowns Endless Love. HP24852107. 02-17-2007. Breeders, Scot Northern & Ellen Morgan. By CH Fanfare’s Gentleman Jack & CH Yorktown’s Extra Vitamin C JC.  Scot Northern.

  (412)                GCH Snowcap’s Patent Leather. HP24902901. 02-09-2007. Breeders, Marty Wilson & Dianne Reimer. By CH Wildcard N Snowcap’s Sovereign JC & CH Snowcap Taliesin Felicitations.  Harriet Vincent & Dianne Reimer.

  (416)                CH Windsor Brook Own The Road DeSud. HP23100503. 09-16-2006. Breeders, Alice VandenBussche & Kathy Armato. By CH Imperial Winds DeSud JC & CH English Lavender DeSud.  Alice VandenBussche.

1  (418)                CH Mason Hill Timeless. HP19468702. 10-28-2005. Breeders, Bobbi Mason & Stephanie Jarrard. By CH Sporting Field’s Rock On JC & CH Summit Unforgettable.  Bobbi Mason & Stephanie Dycha.

3  (420)                GCH Redglen Ring Of Fire SC. HP29001810. 01-14-2008. Breeders, Destinee Langford & K. Rasmussen & A. Rasmussen & K. Gibson. By CH Redglen Jimmy Choo & CH Harmony’s Field Of Poppies SC.  Harold & Denise Tatro.

  (430)                CH Northwind’s Glimmer Of Norma. HP18418801. 11-10-2005. Breeders, Kay Nierengarten. By CH Spring Fever De Sud & CH Northwind’s Stormin’ Norma CD.  Kay M. Nierengarten.

  (432)                CH Abbey Boston Belle CDX SC RA. HP20842307. 03-22-2006. Breeders, J. Cooney-Waterhouse & K. Kenyon. By CH Broadstrider’s Cordillera & CH Sonsteby’s Cool As A Cucumber.  Jill Hopfenbeck.

4  (434)                CH Ammardan Jomyr Gemstone. HP30082502. 03-17-2008. Breeders, Maryann Nash & Todd Miller. By Tattershall Sundance & CH Moongaze Lomyr Hypnotic Music.  Todd Miller & Susan Vernon.

2  (436)                CH Surrey Hill Ice Queen Of Mariner. HP27611601. 10-09-2006. Breeders, Kristen Fredericks & Karen Lee. By DC Surrey Hill’s Pep Talk & Blue Streak Belle Do Jour.  Kristen Fredericks & Karen Lee.

  (438)                CH Kamada’s Dream Walkin’. HP20992202. 05-07-2006. Breeders, Debbie & Kathleen Davenport. By CH Plumcreek Fortune Walking On Heir & CH Kamada’s Million Dollar Baby.  Debbie & Kathleen Davenport.

  (572)                GCH DC Ableaim Morgan LeFay MC RN CGC. HP27151904. 08-03-2007. Breeders, A T Brooks & G. BAoyd & J. Boyd. By Ableaim I’m In A Hurry & Meister Haus Goldie Hawnd.  Deana McNamer.

   676  *CH Whip Hill Queen Annes Lace SC DPC TRP PR. HP27157501. 08-12-2007. Breeders, Hillary Frank. By CH Royale Whippoorwill Jean Paul & AG Stone Whippoorwill Fiesta SC BN RN.  Hillary Frank.

   678  Nahr Volts Mustang Sally SC FCH. HP23460002. 08-24-2006. Breeders, Debbie Narwold. By Nahr Volts Here Comes The Sun & Nahr Volts Holly Holy JC SC FCH.  Debbie Narwold.



  (444)                Onyxx XXtreme Prejudice. HP06548303. 08-04-2003. Breeders, William & Lynn Weller. By CH Onyxx Titanium CD & CH Onyxx Scarlet Chanel.  Donna O’Toole.

4 (446)                GCH Timbreblue Windrydr Biker Girl CD RAE MC OA OAP OAJ CAVX OJP. HP14750408. 02-24-2005. Breeders, Sharyn & Walter Hutchens. By DC Appraxin Callaban Kristobel CD MC NA OJP NAJ NAP CAVX & Timbreblue Plays The Joker.  Roberta S. Lutz & Fred H. Lutz.

3  (448)                CH Baccarat Luck Be A Lady AX AXJ AXP AXJP NF NFP RN. HP10724101. 09-27-2010. Breeders, T. Taft & F. Veno & D. Waters. By CH Baccarat Special Delivery & CH Baccarat Thyme At Wheatenridge.  M. Metevia & R. Russ & M. Holmes.

1  (450)                CH Tattershall Ticket To Fly. HP12775901. 08-04-2004. Breeders, Patricia A. Richey & Dionne Butt. By CH Sportingfield’s Hot Topic & CH Tattershall That’s My Style.  Mrs. Patricia A. Richey & Debbie Butt.

2  (452)                CH Bohem Some Like it Hot Jc. HP14514604. 03-12-2005. Breeders, Constance & George Boulton. By CH Cove Creek Pride & Joy & CH Bohem Ooh-La-La.  Cindi L. Gredys & Emma Gautheir.

  (454)                CH Harmony’s No Place Like Home. HP10815603. 06-15-2004. Breeders, Aimee Rasmussen & Karen L. Gibson. By DH Sporting Fields Jazz Fest SC & CH Andauer Sunday Best JC.  Kathy Rasmussen & Aimee Rasmussen.

  (456)                Longrun’s Amazing Grace. HP12083607. 09-21-2004. Breeders, Sally Long & William Long. By Wheatland Quejica Kezo & Longrun’s Holdin’ On.  Sally Long & William Long.



3  (460)                CH Summit Unforgettable. HP03910106. 02-14-2003. Breeders, Susan E Manthou & Susan Vernon. By CH Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder & CH Summit Voodoo Doll.  Bobbi Mason.

  (462)                TnT’s La Femme Nikita CD RAE AX AXJ AXP AJP MC AV. HM95020711. 03-01-2001. Breeders, Donna & Larry Richards & Robin Horner. By FC Pelee’s Simonian Of Buncrana SC & FC TnT’s Wandering AKA MC.  Roberta S. Lutz.

2  (464)                CH Northwinds’s Cresta Run De Sud. HP02913601. 11-25-2002. Breeders, Kay Nierengarten. By CH Spring Fever De Sud & CH Northwind”s Poetry In Motion CD FCH.  Kay Nierengarten.

1  (466)                CH Dieblesse Surrey Hill Say Yaha SC. HP02529505. 07-11-2002. Breeders, Karen Lee & Carolin Bowers. By DC Partis Say You Will & Surrey Hill’s Smithereens SC.  Karen B. Lee & Leila Anichini.

4   674  Do It Wild And Get Lucky SC. HP01771302. 06-29-2002. Breeders, Charlene Byrum. By CH Vic’s Moving Violation & DC Wildaire Do It Call The Wind SC.  Anne Kelsey.





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