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The American Whippet Club offers the following Official publications to anyone who wishes learn more about the Whippet breed. 

The new Illustrated Standard was produced by a team of senior breeders and AKC breeder-judges, with artwork by a talented club member, Dr. M.E. “Robin” Barry. As the guardian of the AKC Whippet Standard and the source of mentoring and education for new and aspiring judges with our Judge's Education program, the AWC has developed a teaching tool to instruct judges how the breed standard relates to the traditional functional purpose of the breed, and to highlight those aspects of breed type which make the Whippet a recognizable and unique member of the Sighthound family of dogs. It also serves to educate new fanciers and aspiring breeders about Whippet conformation, gait, balance, type and structure. 

The Whippet News is the monthly newsletter of the American Whippet Club, available in an online and printed format (for a modest increase in subscription price). This well-produced and timely source of information will keep you up to date with all the Whippet specialty events around the USA, and contains a wealth of articles covering topics from rescue to health to the international scene. Packed with many beautiful advertising photos of today’s top competitors for your viewing pleasure, it truly offers something for every Whippet lover. 

Every summer, Whippet people everywhere begin checking their mailboxes eagerly for the arrival of the AWC Whippet News Annual. This hotly anticipated volume comes loaded with pictures of past and current show and producing stars, beloved companions and top performance Whippets. Club reports, articles, health news and retrospectives on the great breeders and Whippets of the past make every issue a true collector’s item, to be revisited and reread again and again through the years. 

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