Color Immaterial Silent Auction

A special fundraiser for the 2015 American Whippet Club National Specialty will be the Color Immaterial Silent Auction. At the end of 2014, forty plaster whippet statues were distributed to the whippet community to be painted and decorated. The only limitations were the imaginations of the artists! 

The statues will be on display at the National Specialty and bidding by email is an option. Download a copy of the rules for more information.

All plaster statues were approximately 9" tall with a 4" x 5" base. Final measurements and materials may vary depending on the artist!


Item # 1

Theme: Show Girl

Artist: Amanda Giles

Item # 2

Theme: Money theme

Artist: Debbie Davenport

Item # 3

Theme: Breast Cancer Awareness

Artist: Dawn Carlson

Item # 4

Theme: Vera Bradley Hodge Podge

Artist: Dawn Carlson

Item # 5

Theme: Giraffe - Africa Theme

Artist: Lisa Fontaine

Item # 6

Theme: Jack Sparrow

Artist: Chelsea Neitzel

Item # 7

Theme: Chocolate Whippet

Artist: Cydney Petit

Item # 8

Theme: Van Gogh's Starry Night

Artist: Scot Northern

Item # 9

Theme: Decopage Brindle Whippet

Artist: Shannon Messer-Holzem

Item # 10

Theme: Where's Waldo?

Artist: Barbara Monroe

Item # 11

Theme: Sky and Clouds

Artist: Kate Monroe

Item # 12

Theme: King Tut

Artist: Linda Waggoner

Item # 13

Theme: Flying Whippet

Artist: Caren Shoemaker

Item # 14

Theme: Fire in the Sky

Artist: Deborah Knutson

Item # 15

Theme: Rainbow Bridge

Artist: Lennah Snell/Jessica Eason

Item # 16

Theme: Steampunk

Artist: Jessica Eason

Item # 17

Theme: World of Whippets

Artist: Karen Lee

Item # 18

Theme: Palampore Where's The Bunny

Artist: Karen Webster

Item # 19

Theme: Southwest

Artist: Rhonda Gifford

Item # 20

Theme: Water Whippet

Artist: Annie Fitt

Item # 21

Theme: Hippie Whippie

Artist: Donna O'Toole

Item # 22

Theme: Peacock Whippet

Artist: Linday Day

Item # 23

Theme: Water Whippet

Artist: Annie Fitt

Item # 24

Theme: Aged Cheddar Cheese

Artist: Tammy Bennett

Item # 25

Theme: Lisa Bergman

Artist: 1960's Modern Mona

Item # 26

Theme: Medieval Tapestry, Hunt of the Unicorn

Artist: Yvonne Sovreign

Item # 27

Theme: Bling

Artist: Stephanie Mason Dycha

Item # 28

Theme: Poor Man's Race Horse

Artist: Kristen Fredericks

Item # 29

Theme: Quilted

Artist: Carol Zienart

Item # 30

Theme: Zebra

Artist: Kathy Rasmussen

Item # 31

Theme: Daenarys Targyren's 4th Dragon

Artist: Maria Kauffman

Item # 32

Theme: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Artist: Lee Dowell

Item # 33

Theme: Indy 500

Artist: Sean Mattingly & Mary Ann Mattingly

Item # 34

Theme: Garden

Artist: Sydney Baldwin

Item # 35

Theme: Elvis

Artist: Lisa Costello

Item # 36

Theme: Zen

Artist: Jennifer Smith

Item # 37

Theme: Perfect Harmony

Artist: Lori Grootemaat

Item # 38

Theme: More Zen

Artist: Jennifer Smith

Item # 39

Theme: Whippet Princess

Artist: Barbara Timm


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