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2020 American Whippet Club National Specialty


It is with great sadness that we make the following announcement: The American Whippet Club National Specialty for 2020 has officially been cancelled. 

Despite our best efforts, moving to several different locations during 2019 and finally postponing until October, the current world climate of uncertainty surrounding the COVID pandemic simply will not allow us to put on a safe and enjoyable event.  We have spent many hours since April monitoring the situation in the state of Illinois and nationwide.  Once Governor Pritzker moved us to Phase 4 at the end of June, we were both optimistic we would be able to hold our show in October.   However, there has been a huge variation in how states are opening with a concurrent rise in positive cases and some states requiring quarantine for people who have been out of their state.  There is no consistent way the pandemic is being handled in the US.  Our National Specialty draws people from all over the country as well as from outside our borders.  We feel there is simply no way for us to hold an event that is, by definition, a large social gathering with the current state of our country.

During the intervening months we (Cindy, myself and the Board of Directors) also examined alternative ways to hold the National (reduce the number of events, eliminate coursing/agility/performance, move to an outside location, move to a cluster being held, etc) but none of these choices change the fact that our National show is a social gathering and we will not be able to enforce facial coverings, social distancing and the policing of social behavior.  Nor do we want to.  Our National is one of the finest in the country and something we all look forward to each year.  If we cannot guarantee the health and wellbeing of the participants, the workers, the spectators and all the services that go along with our National, then it should not be held.

We want to thank all of you for hanging in there as long as you did.  News regarding the rest of refunds for RV’s, Catalogs, etc. will follow. BaRay will be refunding all entry fees minus their fee as our superintendent (no AKC fees will be taken out).  We will also be setting up an online store to sell Welcome bags (and contents), Trophy plates, table favors and table centerpieces as a memory of The National That Never Was and Never Will Be. 

Donna Lynch will be moved to 2021 in Santa Fe and Phoebe Booth will judge in 2022 in Virginia Beach.  We are still working through what will be done with the Futurity and Top 20.  Announcements will continue to follow as we deconstruct this National. 

Here’s hoping we can all gather safely in Santa Fe in 2021.




Cindy Scott, AWC National Show Chair

Lisa Costello, AWC Local Show Chair 2020




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