Lure Coursing Trophy Donations



  • STEP 1: VERIFY FIRST  Email trophy chair Trisha Borland at and request a trophy sponsorship from the available list
  • STEP 2: PLEDGE Once the class has been verified as available, send donor name and/or dedication to trophy chair to be added to the list
  • STEP 3: PAYMENT Use paypal button below or send a check made payable to the "AWC" in US Funds.

All donations must be made in US dollars.

Lure Coursing Trophy Chair | Trisha Borland

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DONATING VIA PAYPAL: Specify Trophy Being Donated in the Space below. Click on "Buy Now". That will take you to the Paypal screen where you can enter the donation amount in USD's


Please specify class donated
Donor/Dedication for Catalog


Trial / Trophy Name Donation Amount Donor Name  Donor Name/Dedication for Catalog
AKC Best of Breed $160    
AKC High Scoring Dual Champion $100    
AKC Breeder Stake $100    
AKC Kennel Stake $100    
AKC Open Stake A $75    
AKC Open Stake B $75    
AKC Open Stake C $75    
AKC Open Stake D $75    
AKC Open Stake E $75    
AKC Open Stake F $75    
AKC Open Stake G $75    
AKC Specials Stake A $75    
AKC Specials Stake B $75    
AKC Veteran Stake A $75    
AKC Veteran Stake B $75    
ASFA Best of Breed $125    
ASFA Top Open Winner $80    
ASFA Top FCh Winner $80    
ASFA Top Veteran Winner $80    
ASFA Bench Stake $80    
ASFA Kennel Stake $80    
ASFA Breeder Stake $80    
ASFA Open Flight A $75    
ASFA Open Flight B $75    
ASFA Open Flight C $75    
ASFA Open Flight D $75    
ASFA Open Flight E $75    
ASFA FCh Flight A $75    
ASFA FCh Flight B $75    
ASFA FCh Flight C $75    
ASFA Veteran Flight A $75    
ASFA Veteran Flight B $75    


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