The American Whippet Club has contracted with Dean Lake Photography for win photos, ASFA and AKC lure coursing photos.

Dean Lake Photography •  

864-386-7260 •

Any other professional photographers taking candid photographs intended for sale shall (1) be a vendor authorized by the AWC, (2) pay a required $200.00 AWC vendor fee, (3) wear the 2022 AWC National Photographer Pass during photography, and (4) NOT take photographs in the win photo area or during the AWC Top Twenty Event. 

The AWC reserves the right to bar any offending photographer from a specific event until its conclusion if the sale of photography is determined by the National and Show Chairs to be the intent of the photographer and such a violation may lead to a bench hearing by the Show Committee. Personal cameras and cell phone photography are (1) permitted only if there is no intent to sell photos taken at any time during or after the National and (2) not permitted in the win photo area. Non-event photography in and around the hotel is permitted by any photographer, professional or personal.

If you are interested in being a candid photographer at the AWC National, please contact Cindy Scott at


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