Parade of Honors

Whippets meeting specific criteria are invited to enter the Parade of Honors and be recognized before an audience of National Specialty spectators and fellow exhibitors. Entrants will receive a half-page catalog ad, an exhibition in the parade, a giant commemorative rosette and inclusion of a photo in the AWC library. The Parade of Honors is open to any dog that meets one or more of the criteria during its lifetime. Awards and titles need not be earned in the year prior to entry.  The Parade of Honors is a wonderful way to honor a lifetime of teamwork with a veteran or a new accomplishment with a young dog!

Download the 2018 Parade of Honors Entry Form

Pay via check (address on the entry form) or use the Paypal option below. 


  •  BOB or BOS at any AWC Specialty

  •  BOB at any Specialty in the United States

  •  BIS at a Hound Group show

  •  AKC All Breed Best In Show Winner

  •  AKC Champion and any one of the following: ORC, SORC, RCH, SRCH, WRCH, WRCHX, ARX, SRA

  •  AKC Dual Champion (Breed and Field Championships)

  •  AKC Champion & LCM or LCX

  •  AKC Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh)

  •  AKC Champion & CDX, UD, or UDX

  •  High in Obedience Trial at any AKC All Breed Show or AWC National Specialty

  •  AKC Champion & TDX or VST (Variable Surface Tracking)

  •  AKC Champion & MX or AX (Master Agility Excellence or Agility Excellent)

  •  AKC Champion & FMCh. Or FGDCh. (Flyball Master Champion, Flyball Grand Champion)

  •  Any Whippet ranked #1 by a nationally recognized system


  • Past AWC Triathlon/Versatility Winners

  • Parade of Honors qualifying award/honor for the 2018 event ONLY any Whippet which has won the award(s) of World Winner at the FCI World Show, Crufts DCC or BCC, or any National Breed Club Designated National Specialty Show BOB or BOS be considered qualified for the AWC Parade of Honors

Click here to download the entry form 



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