Triathlon and Versatility Competition Summary of 2018 Rules Changes

The AWC has held the Triathlon in conjunction with its National Specialty since 1995. The Triathlon combines three performance events (lure coursing, conformation, and obedience) to showcase the versatility of Whippets and the bond they share with their owners. The Triathlon's scoring system ranks the success of their teamwork in comparison to other teams. In the spirit of that teamwork, owners should handle their Whippets in all three venues but it is not required.

To win the Triathlon, your Whippet must compete in all three events (lure coursing, conformation, and obedience) and earn as many points as possible in each event (your score). After each event is completed, every participating Whippet's score is assigned a rank from first to last, based on the score received (your rank). Upon completion of all three events, your Whippet's three individual rankings are averaged to produce its total final rank. The ranks of all participating teams are then placed from first to last. The Whippet with the final lowest rank (numerical ranking average) is the AWC Triathlon Champion and is awarded the Cora Miller Perpetual Trophy and Jack McManus Perpetual Trophy, and may then participate in future AWC Parades of Honor at National Specialties. Whippets ranked first through tenth receive special awards and rosettes.

Even if your Whippet does not win the Triathlon, it will receive a final Triathlon ranking if it competed in all three of the required events. That is why it is important to score as many points as possible in each of the three performance events. The Triathlon is not an AKC titling event, but an AWC scoring/ranking event. Qualifying scores in obedience and coursing are not required. A non-qualifying score in obedience or lure coursing does not eliminate your Whippet from the Triathlon; however, Whippets with qualifying scores are ranked above non-qualifying Whippets in these event rankings. If your Whippet does not receive a qualifying score, that score will still be counted as a Triathlon score but it will be ranked below all qualifying scores.

NOTE: Whippets may participate in both the Triathlon and Versatility competitions.

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