Triathlon-Versatility Changes 2018

Triathlon and Versatility Competition Summary of 2018 Rules Changes

The AWC has held the Triathlon since 1995 and the Versatility Competition since 2007 in conjunction with its National Specialty. These two events are not AKC titling events but AWC events that combine performance competitions with conformation to showcase the versatility of Whippets and the bond they share with their owners.


The AWC Board of Directors has conducted a thorough review of the Triathlon and Versatility Competition rules. During this review, the BOD made three rule changes. These changes were made in the spirit of fair sportsmanship and to encourage participation, and will apply for the 2018 AWC National Specialty.  New documents have been written to ensure a clear understanding of the current rules, scoring, and ranking and were approved by the BOD on January 18, 2018.


Revised Rule:  These competitions' scoring system ranks the success of teamwork in comparison to other teams. In the spirit of that teamwork, owners should handle their Whippets in all Triathlon/Versatility venues [including conformation] but it is not required.


Previous Rule:  All dogs must be handled by their owner in each event (including conformation). If you have multiple dogs entered, you may use a handler for the group portion of conformation. NO professional handlers unless they co-own the dog being handled.


Revised Rule: If your dog has a title or legs toward a title in AKC [obedience, rally or agility] you may not enter a lower class and utilize that score for this competition. [Only AKC rules/restrictions now apply.]

Previous Rule:  If your dog has a title or legs toward a title in UKC, CKC, AKC or any other Obedience titling program, you may not enter a lower class and utilize that score for this competition. If you do, your dog will be disqualified from the competition.

Revised Rule: For non-qualifying scores [in obedience, rally and agility], the Triathlon/Versatility Chair will calculate scores based on the numerical scores written on each exhibitor's score sheet and use these scores to rank the non-qualifying scores.

Previous Rule:   Non-qualifying dogs will be ranked by class with all NQ dogs in the same class receiving the same rank [score = zero].


The 2018 AWC National Specialty Triathlon/Versatility Chair is Lauri Austin, 592 Pulis Avenue, Mahwah, NJ 07430,, 201-960-8877.

See AWC website for Rules and Entry Forms:



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