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The privately-sponsored Willow Award for the Therapy Whippet of the Year is traditionally announced at the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. This year, due to the pandemic, we will be combining the extra heroic acts of therapy whippets in 2020 and 2021 into a Willow Award-palooza of 2022.

Each year a whippet is honored at the National by receiving the Willow Award, with the recipient's name permanently engraved on an original bronze Perpetual Trophy generously donated by Willow's therapy partner and owner, Linda Solano. Every year, people read about the whippets who have been nominated for the Willow Award and they think, "My whippet would be wonderful at that!" And another realm of miraculous opportunities is opened. 

Let the Whippet World know what miracles your whippet - or a whippet you know - is quietly performing. In the hospitals, schools, nursing homes, libraries, women's shelters, mental health facilities, physical therapy centers, teenage crisis centers, wherever whippets are sharing their healing magic with people in need. It has been extra challenging throughout the pandemic, but whippets have continued to bring smiles to people in need.

To nominate: Tell the story of a whippet who is working as a therapy dog in 1000 words or less and submit 3 photos. Stories will be on display at the National and online to inspire others! One of your submitted photos may be a collage, but doesn't have to be. Every nominee is a winner and will receive a beautiful rosette. This year's rosettes are sponsored by Gail Boyd, in memory of prior Willow Award recipients Snickers and Taja's parnter, Rhonda Gold, and will be quite special.

Past nominees are invited - encouraged - to resubmit! Past Willow Award Recipients are welcome to tell their recent stories but will not be eligible, though they will be honored for sure!

Click here to submit your Willow Award Nomination

Deadline March 15, 2022

For more information on how to nominate your Whippet, or a Whippet you know, for the Willow Award, contact Patience Renzulli email.

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