Other Resources

Conformation dog showing and obedience trials

American Kennel Club

The national kennel club of the US. www.akc.org

Infodog Show and Entry Service

Nationwide show resource. www.infodog.com

Ba-Ray Events

Nationwide show resource and the superintendent for most AWC National Specialties. www.barayevents.com

Onofrio Dog Shows

South and Midwest show resource. www.onofrio.com

Jim Rau Dog Shows

Mid-Atlantic states show resource. www.raudogshows.com

Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows 

California/Arizona show resource. www.jbradshaw.com

Roy Jones

Midwest show resource. www.royjonesdogshows.com

Foy Trent

Various locations show resource. www.foytrentdogshows.com

Racing and coursing

There are many independent racing and coursing clubs and organizations. By using the links listed below, and looking through the calendars for events near you, you can find current contact information for active groups putting on coursing and/or racing events in your region. The AWC encourages all owners to join the fun and join a local club that fits your interests. Get involved, help put on these events, and meet your fellow Whippet fanciers!

Whippet Racing Association

Straight racing competitions. www.whippetracing.org

Continental Whippet Alliance

Straight racing competitions and match shows. www.continentalwhippetalliance.com

National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA)

Oval or “bend” racing competitions. www.notra.org

American Sighthound Field Association (AFSA)

Lure coursing competitions. www.asfa.org

American Kennel Club Lure Coursing

Lure coursing competitions. classic.akc.org/events/lure_coursing/index.cfm

Pedigree research

Whippets are fortunate to have a fabulous online pedigree resource in The Whippet Archives. If you have registration papers or a number for your Whippet, you can add it if you don’t see it listed there already, and enjoy looking up the ancestry and relatives of your Whippet.  

Health information

American Whippet Club members have formed the Whippet Health Foundation, which has information and a searchable database. Add your Whippet to this database and if you experience any unusual health concerns or issues, the WHF encourages you to share your information there.  

There is also a very good and comprehensive informational website put together by fanciers in the UK with some consulting help from Whippet fanciers in the US, called Whippet Health.

Whippet Rescue

The national organization: Whippet Rescue and Placement (WRAP) www.whippet-rescue.org

Therapy Dog Organizations

Delta Society Pet Partners International

Reading Educational Assistance Dogs

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