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Below, you will see information on how to subscribe to discussion groups and message boards.  New forums spring up all the time, so if you do not see your favorite forum or group listed here and would like it to be added, or for corrections to your information, please contact us.

E-Mail lists 

Email lists allow subscribers to receive individual or digest postings of ongoing discussions and announcements in their e-mail, or opt to read postings online. These were the first form of online dialogue for dog fanciers, and although many people have moved on to Facebook interest pages and Message Boards, there are still several subscription e-mail lists that serve the purpose of fostering discussion and disseminating items of interest and information for people active in competition or who like to discuss health, care, and training. Rescue organizations and breeders periodically make announcements regarding available litters and Whippets on these lists.


Whippetsanity is a heavily moderated email list aimed primarily at those who wish to be kept informed about Whippet competitions, and also discuss topics of health, care and training. pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/whippetsanity


With 566 members, Whippet-L is similar to Whippetsanity, but less strictly moderated. While both of these email lists welcome inquiries about the breed from new owners, they are primarily trafficked by people who are active in some facet of competition. www.lsoft.com/scripts/wl.exe?SL1=WHIPPET-L&H=APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM

The AWC On Facebook

The American Whippet Club maintains two pages on Facebook for the discussion and dissemination of information about AWC Events and Policies.

American Whippet Club Facebook Page  for news and information about all things AWC other than the National Specialty

American Whippet Club National Specialty Page for important updates, news, questions, and discussions about the AWC National Specialty

Message boards

Message boards are generally excellent places for new and pet owners to post questions and share puppy photos with others. Members share their triumphs and their tragedies, and posters are generally supportive of each other when someone’s pet is ill, injured, or passing on from old age. Photo sharing is a big part of message board interaction, and discussions can be more easily kept to one thread and followed. Try to get a feel for the tone and personality of the forum by reading through past messages or threads before posting. Use search functions to see if your question has already been addressed several times. Be a good netizen and you will find you will make a lot of new friends by becoming part of an online community of Whippet lovers!

Whippet World Message Board

A very pet-owner friendly message board with a welcoming atmosphere and a mix of pet owners and those who race, course, show, and do other competitive activities.  The moderators promote a positive tone and photo posting is highly encouraged. www.whippetworld.net/index.php

These Amazing Whippets

An alternative message board for Whippet owners to share stories, pictures and experiences. s1.zetaboards.com/TheseAmazingWhippets

The Whippet Forum

There are primarily United Kingdom posters on this forum, but it has good sub-forums on Whippet health and behavior/training issues. Members may enjoy the many photos of show and racing and coursing Whippets from the “mother country” of our breed. www.thewhippetforum.com


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